Way of working

Way of working

A plan proven in battle

Our approach is easy to grasp for any potential client, and easy for us to stick to when the heat is turned up during the digital transformation process. The plan has been tried and tested and proven to work – every time.


The key factor in this first phase is ambition. When starting up with new clients, we often find that the client goals are not set high enough in terms of what the digital transformation should result in. The goals are often hazily defined and therefore difficult to measure. Let’s change that. We are a high-ambition, results-oriented, logically driven company. It is in our nature to aim high and set clearly defined, measurable, and realistic ambitions together with the client.

During this stage, we also define a tactical plan of growth-driving projects that Digital Strategi implements together with the client during the next phase. These projects are outlined in a business plan agreed by both parties before entering into the next phase.


The Digital Growth and Change Management phases run parallel during the remainder of the project lifetime. The Digital Growth phase is all about putting our money where our mouth is, so to speak. Few things are worse for a corporate manager than having a fantastic plan and not enough power to push it through. But this is where we differ from so many others. This stage is about putting boots on the ground, sending out a dedicated team led by the same person who guided the client through the strategy phase.

This stage is where growth-enhancing changes happen for real, usually starting off with one or two quick wins to lay a positive foundation for changes that have greater potential but that take longer to accomplish.


In the strategy phase, we set the requirements in terms of roles that have to be in place in order for the client to continue driving the processes once our project is completed. This phase deals with putting these roles in place. An important part in achieving this is setting ability-oriented client goals in terms of skills and knowledge. We then work together to achieve these, for example through training sessions led by us.

Also, this phase is about linking channels and breaking up organisational silos. Teaching the client how to adopt a constant-learning mentality, agile processes, to make data-driven decisions and to internally collaborate in new ways.

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Digital Strategy


Taking top-level management through an in-depth business analysis to reach a recommendation of revenue-growth initiatives and a clear set of expectations.

Digital Growth


Our dedicated team works on site to create short- and long-term growth in multiple channels, always in close partnership with the client.

Change Management


Securing a lasting growth-driven digital transformation by developing people, processes, business models, and organisations.