Case #2

One of Sweden’s biggest trade unions.

Going from a projected membership crisis to surpassing inflow targets

– The union’s membership count had been decreasing for years due to the union’s failure to attract enough new, young members.

– Digital Strategi analysed the situation and concluded that the potential to attract new members through digital channels was high. However, a broad take on the issue was required since the digital maturity of the union was low.

– Digital Strategi was granted the task of re-building the union’s digital customer journey with the goal of increasing the membership quota by 50% in five years.

– In our proposal we set out, not only to reach this goal, but to make sure that the union’s own capability of successfully running its digital channels was in place.

– The mission was completed by a team of highly experienced specialists and leaders from Digital Strategi. After three years, the mission was accomplished and a high and steady membership growth was established.

– The three main success factors were as follows: crisis awareness among top management, paving the way for addressing the problem in a holistic fashion; solving the problem was not looked upon as a hassle by the work force, but as an opportunity to grow; and, lastly, the sense of trust which was bestowed upon Digital Strategi early on upon seeing how well the initial projects went.

Case #3

An offline leader about to become leading online