Digital Change Manager

Peter Sund

I love working with colleagues who share the same interest as me – digitalisation, and everything surrounding it. All of us working here have deep knowledge from the experiences past projects have given us. We share these with one another, making us smarter together as well as being able to enjoy work more.

From my experience, one of the most underestimated challenges is changing people’s behaviours and routines. It’s much easier coming up with great technical solutions, whereas changing people and human behaviour can be quite a mouthful.

I get the greatest work-related kick from making quick and concrete improvements. And from the moments when I intellectually solve a complicated challenge.

My dream is to contribute to a solution to one of the big societal challenges. Our need for transportation and the fact that almost everyone owns and stores so many things they hardly ever use. I wouldn’t mind cracking those.

Another colleague

Alexander Wetterstöm