Case #1

A big Scandinavian insurance company

A profitable culture change

– Our client is highly accessible when it comes to physically meeting the customer, through a wide and decentralised system of local offices. However, the customer’s digital services would be unwise to decentralise. Therefore, parallels can be drawn between our client and many of the large retail brands that currently work to fully realise a successful omni-channel presence, something which generally leads to extensive changes – structurally and culturally.

– Since 2016, Digital Strategi has been working with the client to grow its online capabilities in business areas such as Corporate, Homes, Vehicles and Personal.

– We are currently working on improving the the client’s customer journey and growing the business in the personal insurance area.

– So far, this project has encompassed creating content strategy, customer communication, tonality, self-services, automation, establishing data-driven and agile workflows, as well as strategic counselling, product development, and generally raising the client’s digital competence. We can firmly say that that our services have been profitable for our client.

– Our business understanding is high and our methodology tested and appreciated. Our focus on creating bottom line benefits has led to a high level of trust and ambition which we carry with us as we venture on together.

Case #2

Going from a projected membership crisis to surpassing inflow targets