Digital Strategy

True transformation requires a solid strategy

Our clients often have a long history of success in the analogue world and have usually started to launch efforts to stimulate turnover from digital sales. However, most of them have come to realise that their current efforts will not suffice. Instead, they need to transform their business completely to suit the new digital landscape. But making that transformation is hard. Often, incredibly hard. It requires a new kind of leadership, as well as reorganising and re-training vast parts of the company, starting up new initiatives and discontinuing old ones, as well as creating a new corporate culture.

We specialise in creating transformative changes just like these, and our track record is outstanding. We will get you there.

The strategy phase entails the following:

– Since we will be expected to play a great part in improving it, we make sure to understand your business, and the world it thrives in, inside and out.

– Having gained deep knowledge of the business, we recommend a number of initiatives that create sales boosting results, both in the long and the short term, and that are wide and narrow in scope, in order to grow your business.

– Together, we set a level of expectations for what the digitalisation initiatives should yield and what they should cost in terms of time and manpower.

– These initiatives, as well as their expected yield, are formalised in a business case that is signed by us and the client as a joint commitment prior to the next phase, when our implementation team is deployed.

– Also formalised in the agreement is how to create a lasting change within the organisation so that when our project is over, you can leverage the transformative initiatives taken to their maximum, long-term extent, creating a solid business advantage.

– Lastly, working closely with top management during this initial stage ensures that the whole management team is fully on-board with the project. Everyone’s perspective, attention, and support point in the same direction.

Want to know more? Take a look at the next phase – that’s when things really take off.

Other cornerstones of our offer

Digital Growth


Our dedicated team works on site to create short- and long-term growth in multiple channels, always in close partnership with the client.

Change Management


Securing a lasting growth-driven digital transformation by developing people, processes, business models, and organisations.

Our way of working

Common challenges in this phase:

Challenge #1

“Which digitalisation projects should we focus on?”

Challenge #4

“I’m losing customers while the inflow is increasingly expensive. What to do?”

Challenge #6

“Our digital customer journey is not smooth enough, I need help fast!”

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