Digital Growth

Off the ground and steadily upward

While the strategy phase was about deciding where to go to and how to get there, this is the rocket launch stage.

We are different from others in that we don’t leave our client in the dust after delivering the insights and strategies on how to best deal with digital transformation. Instead, we deploy a fully dedicated team to work on site, implementing the changes and initiatives previously decided upon.

However, having a data-driven approach means that the framework of projects outlined in the strategy phase needs continuous updating after seeing what does and does not work in real life. This is not a problem, but rather a key to long term digital success.

The Digital Growth phase is comprised of a number of outbound and inbound activities.

The outbound activities are deployments of a target audience reach strategy. By closely monitoring the results, tactics are constantly refined in order to create maximum yield.

The inbound activities generally involve creating smarter ways of benefiting from inbound traffic to your touchpoints. This can entail opening up new channels as well as greatly improving the flow through channels that already are in place.

We have always managed to prove our effectiveness by generating gains and positive effects within a short time frame after kicking off the growth phase. By achieving these quick wins, we create a positive momentum for the whole transformation initiative. Also, a great start paves the way for effects with longer time horizons but with much greater leverage.

The entire Digital Growth phase usually takes about 18 months from start to finish. Parallel to it runs the Change Management phase. The latter deals with improving how your employees work and how they are organised in order to ensure that the transformation that we begin together is continued once we have completed our end of the task.

Read more about the Change Mangement phase in the next section.

Other cornerstones of our offer 

Change Management


Securing a lasting growth-driven digital transformation by developing people, processes, business models, and organisations.

Digital Strategy


Taking top-level management through an in-depth business analysis to reach a recommendation of revenue-growth initiatives and a clear set of expectations.

Our way of working

Common challenges in this phase:

Challenge #2

”Which digitalisation projects should we focus on?”

Challenge #3

”Which quantitative data should we use to base growth decisions on?”

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