Change Management

Turn and face the unknown

We are all about creating a lasting digital transformation. This means not just making a substantial change and being done with it, but to inspire the client organisation into desiring a state of constant change and improvement. Empowering people in their ambitions and giving them the necessary tools to fulfil them. In doing so, the client can truly leverage a sustainable competitive advantage.

Early on, we want to identify where the gaps are in terms of knowledge, processes, and organisation. We chart the organisational structure and individual skill level in order to create an action plan for how to ensure that the client is completely up to speed and self-sufficient once we walk out the door.

Transfer of knowledge can be accomplished through the hands-on training that we provide in seminar programmes. A lot of skills are also transferred through the collaboration between Digital Strategi and the client in day-to-day operations.

Apart from the skills that need improvement on an individual level, we strive to ensure that the client assumes, on a general level, an agile as well as a data-driven approach, and switches to an always-on approach to marketing. Our belief in these approaches is based on a long history of client success. We know they work, and we are happy to prove it again and again.

We believe in being generous in sharing our knowledge and experience but with respect for the fact that there are unique elements to every client and situation. Using this approach, we manage to establish a fruitful relationship through which we can equally share the resulting success.

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Other cornerstones of our offer 

Digital Strategy


Taking top-level management through an in-depth business analysis to reach a recommendation of revenue-growth initiatives and a clear set of expectations.

Digital Growth


Our dedicated team works on site to create short- and long-term growth in multiple channels, always in close partnership with the client.

Our way of working

Common challenges in this phase:

Challenge #5

”Will a few new staff members and some training really do the trick?”

Challenge #7

”How can I connect IT, marketing and sales more fruitfully?”

Challenge #8

”How do we rig ourselves for constant change?”

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