Developing the client and yourself

At Digital Strategi, we guide companies through the most revolutionary development since the industrialisation. We digitalise the core of every company – its sales and marketing. We help companies increase sales, equip their personnel, and get their organisation set up for the digital age. Our vision is to achieve grand results together with our clients, to develop our exceptional people, and to create an all-round admirable company. The work we do is highly rewarding but is neither easy nor quick, which is why it calls for very special individuals.

Who we look for

In order to tell you what we value, let us start off by telling you what we do not. This company is not for the corporate ladder-climber or the tactician of office politics. Frankly, the ladder is not very high, we have very few steps. And when it comes to being a smooth office politician, well, we believe that energy is much better spent on developing clients and yourself.

Making client companies futureproof is one of the greatest work-related challenges around. So what do we think are some of the personal traits for someone taking on such a challenge?

Curiosity. Wanting to constantly grow your knowledge and improving your skills by always wanting to learn new things.

Integrity. Our customers rely on us to stand up for what is right and wrong; otherwise, we become redundant.

Ambition. We need to make our clients think big and bold, so we have to set the example.

Sharing. We are a company of helpers and are always generous with one another and with our clients when it comes to spreading better practices.

We believe in taking an agile approach to work-related tasks, going forward by data-driven decisions, as well as adopting an always-on approach to marketing. On a more fundamental level, issues like egalitarianism and creating a company with a heterogenous mix of people as well as never taking ourselves too seriously are important. Hopefully, you do too.

Who we are

We are a relatively small, entrepreneurial company looking to grow steadily as we find great clients and co-workers. We are in the process of creating the workplace we ourselves want to work in – with a warm atmosphere, strong team bonds, and a genuine care for one another.

We provide internal training to our employees in the areas of managing organizational change, team development, digital competence, and business.

We are always on the lookout for people with a solid academic background, relevant work experience in digital sales growth and transformation projects. Strong individuals who are looking for hard and rewarding work and who thrive in a team environment.

Does this sound like something for you?

Our way of working

Meet our people

Alexander Wetterstöm

Digital Channel Manager

Working in close cooperation with the client and getting first-hand experience in how their organisation is modernised is incredibly exciting. A real kick.

Madeleine Sohlberg

Digital Change Manager

I feel privileged to develop and be part of a company that I firmly believe in. I have a chance to create the culture as well as the structure of this company.

Peter Sund

Digital Change Manager

I love working with colleagues who share the same interest as me – digitalisation, and everything surrounding it.