Digital Channel Manager

Alexander Wetterström

Working in close cooperation with the client and getting first-hand experience in how their organisation is modernised is incredibly exciting. A real kick.

One thing that sets Digital Strategi apart from my previous employers is that we work extremely close with the client. This strengthens the joint team spirit and sharpens the quality of our deliverables, making it super fun to go to work.

The greatest lesson that I have learnt since starting here is the ability to put my foot down to make ideas come true when I’m convinced that these ideas are of vital importance for the future. I’m glad that nowadays I dare to bring out that side of me when I feel the task requires it. I think this has helped us reach fruitful results in numerous projects.

My dream project is to develop the services of the Swedish Social Services. Since I became a dad I have been amazed at how confusing and difficult someone can make a service that in fact should be pretty easy and intuitive. For this reason I would love for us to be given the responsibility of forming and leading a digital strategy for them with everything that entails.

Another colleague

Madeleine Sohlberg