About us

Results. Together.

Business is changing. Companies that have enjoyed a long streak of success suddenly find themselves being attacked on multiple fronts, shrinking both market share and profit margins. Dark clouds start looming over the horizon and a new approach to sales and marketing is required.

This is where we come in.

We specialise in creating sales growth by digitally transforming our clients. In close collaboration, we set measurable business goals in terms of growth and organisational boost, which we accomplish together.

After setting the strategy, we provide a dedicated team to work on site alongside the client to facilitate and implement the changes. And since sustainable digital transformation only comes through improving the client team and organisation, we provide training and knowledge transfer from day one in order for the client to be fully ready for take-off when our work is done.

Digital Strategi was founded in 2009 by Allan Russel. In the years prior to starting Digital Strategi, Allan successfully headed up the digital transformation of the sales and marketing function at one of Scandinavia’s leading telecom operators.

Our pitch in brief is that:

– We help our clients grow their business by reaching out to people in the right target group

– We turn these into loyal customers.

– Meanwhile, we create lasting client-internal digital competence and organisational improvements..

Does this sound interesting for your business? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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What we do

Our offer to clients is based on three cornerstones. Take a look.


Digital Strategy


Taking top-level management through an in-depth business analysis to reach a recommendation of revenue-growth initiatives and a clear set of expectations.

Digital Growth


Our dedicated team works on site to create short- and long-term growth in multiple channels, always in close partnership with the client.

Change Management


Securing a lasting growth-driven digital transformation by developing people, processes, business models, and organisations.


Join us

We are a relatively small, entrepreneurial, company looking to grow steadily as we find great clients and co-workers. We are in the process of creating the workplace we ourselves want to work in, and we are always on the lookout for talented individuals.